I get my stress relief just by shopping at my local cannabis spot

I deal with plenty of stress and that’s an unlucky part of my life.

I’m just absolutely sensitive to stress and have been since I was a kid.

Since about Junior High, stress has been an adverse component to my happiness. I experience anxiety and feelings of dread that made me want to just stay at home. I believe it’s just that I’m not built prefer everybody else. My stress limits are real and when I go past them, the consequences are immediate and occasionally severe. So these days, I find relief with a trip to the local cannabis spot; Back in the day, my mom had the doctor put me on all sorts of medications. These meds absolutely did have a unusual effect on my life. It was as though I was just kind of dislinked and not absolutely with it at all! Perhaps it was better than being totally freaked out all the time however still it was no way to live. But in school, I was first introduced to recreational marijuana. I don’t remember what the strain or the THC gratified of that cannabis product, however it changed my life. It was almost as though my stress melted away and was replaced with hope and calm, however eventually, with the help of my doctor, I weaned off the medications! Now I just make sure that I get the local cannabis spot for a hybrid strains or just plain sativa. And as long as the cannabis dispensary has what I need, I shall be showing up there a few times a month with a sizable smile and it sure beats hiding under my bed.


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