I got my dad a fat sack of sticky icky

It is no longer illegal to possess recreational Cannabis and this is a seriously pressing weight off of the filters of the people I was with plus myself. Typically I have some weed on me even if I’m going to work or even church. Every one of us has weed that we put in our pocket or have in our car. We never leave home without having a little bit of marijuana. I do not like to go anywhere without having my cannabis. One time everyone of us had to go to court and every one of us had a small bag of skunk sticky icky on us. Another thing to consider is the fact that many people are professionals and still use marijuana. My pops can’t have cannabis on the guy at all but he is a kindergarten professor. A usual smoker of cannabis is a person that would prefer to use cannabis at home. My dad can’t get cannabis and he can’t actually have it on him at all which means he cannot drive from place to place and have it in his vehicle. Usually my dad will send everyone of us to the cannabis shop to buy all of the things that he wants. He does not want his reputation as a teacher for when the guy is off the clock. I believed that every one of us were big-time smokers of cannabis but it seems after this week that my dad probably smokes a lot more than any of us.
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