I got my mom some edibles for christmas

My mom has been using marijuana edibles for the past three months.

It took a long time to get her to try marijuana, because she thought she was using drugs.

My wife and I told her that marijuana would help with pain and inflammation. She used CBD tinctures and oils for a year before she finally decided to try marijuana products. My wife and I went to the marijuana dispensary for my mom. She was afraid that Gloria or Betty from the hair shop would see her coming out of the dispensary. My mom didn’t want to be the town gossip, so she made me go to the dispensary to get something for her to try. I honestly didn’t mind going to the dispensary for my mom, because I knew what questions to ask the budtender. The bartender at the marijuana shop helped me pick out some items that would be perfect for my mom. We bought some different flavors for my mom to try and she really enjoyed some of the gummies and the hard candies. This year for Christmas, we are going to surprise my mom by giving her a whole basket that is filled with different marijuana edibles. We are going to pick out some chocolates, cookies, cakes, pretzels, chips, and even a couple of cannabis infused beverages. Then my mom will have a huge selection of items that she can use anytime that she wants. I think the idea is wonderful and I hope my mom likes it too. I know marijuana helps with the pain, even if she is too stubborn to admit the truth.
Marijuana edibles