I got some amazing cannabis last weekend

I was out of town for a wedding last weekend and I stayed at a really nice hotel downtown.

I noticed that on the strip of businesses near the hotel where I was staying, there were about a dozen cannabis dispensaries! I was kind of surprised to see that there were so many different cannabis dispensaries right there together. I thought that they had to be spaced a certain amount of space apart, but I guess I was wrong. Either that, or some of them weren’t actually cannabis dispensaries at all. I did notice that a lot of places around there had pot leaves as part of their signage, even if they weren’t cannabis dispensaries! Anyway, I ended up going into one of the nicer looking cannabis stores because I had been wanting to try some cannabis edibles for the longest time. I had never even used any type of cannabis before and so I thought that this was the perfect time for me to give it a try. After all, I was alone in a hotel room with nothing to do and nowhere to go so it wasn’t going to hurt anything. The people in the cannabis dispensary were really nice and accommodating. They answered all of my questions and they helped me find the right thing to try. They had so much cannabis knowledge in that store that I really felt as if I were at some sort of marijuana education event or something. They offered me cannabis flower products, cannabis cartridge products, and even cannabis drinks. I ended up settling for some regular old cannabis edibles. They were shaped like gummy bears and they tasted pretty good, to tell you the truth.

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