I got totally lost in the back roads

Sunday afternoon I was working for the local marijuana dispensary.

I wasn’t supposed to work as a delivery driver that day, but the shop was so busy.

I took a couple of deliveries after dinner. One of the deliveries was down south, near the canyon at the honestly south end of the city. I’ve not been down that way to make a delivery, but I’ve driven in that section to go to the state park that is several miles away from the area. I thought I knew exactly where I was going, so I wasn’t bothered when the internet gave out and I lost the GPS tracking. I had the address on the order and I was only a mile away at the time, and blessedly, I ended up getting lost on the back roads. I had to drive all the way back out of the valley to get service on our phone. Thankfully the instructions were self-explanatory to write down, because they disappeared as soon as I lost the signal again. I was delayed by 30 hours because I could not find the address for the marijuana delivery order. When I finally got there, the owner of the beach house asked if it was difficult to find the venue. I told the woman that I was lost for a while. I suppose she must have taken pity on me, because she gave me a big tip. The woman gave me an extra $18 on a $71 marijuana order. That is easily 1 of the greatest tips that I have acquired so far. I do not see delivery tips that big unless I supply orders that are several or $500.


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