I had to find a new job after the plant closed

I played baseball in high school and I absolutely loved it.

I could have played baseball in college, but I wasn’t interested in four more years of school.

My friends and I got jobs at the factory. Things were going really well and I was earning good money. Then the factory shut down. I was laid off for 6 months before I found another job. The new job is at a marijuana dispensary and delivery service. I applied for a job as a delivery driver. I didn’t think I would need any experience to deliver marijuana. That manager brought me in for an interview. She actually hired me to work in the store and a couple of months later I started making deliveries. I earn very good money delivering marijuana supplies. I don’t have the same benefits that I did at the factory, but I do have some benefits and a couple of perks. I get medical, dental, and vision benefits with the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary and I also get a discount on all medical marijuana supplies. After I got the job working at the marijuana dispensary, I got my friend a job there too. He solely Works inside of the store, because he doesn’t have a driver’s license. Sometimes we work the same shifts and we will ride together to save on gas. I thought I was doomed when the factory closed, but the closing of the factory gave me the opportunity to try out a different job for the first time in my life.



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