I had to find a new task after the plant closed

I receive entirely unbelievable money delivering marijuana supplies

I played baseball in middle school as well as I really loved it, but i could have played baseball in university, even though I wasn’t interested in numerous more years of school, then my friends as well as I got tasks at the factory; Things were going entirely well as well as I was earning unbelievable money. Then the factory shut down. I was laid off for 6 months before I found another task. The new task is at a marijuana dispensary as well as delivery service. I applied for a task as a delivery driver. I didn’t recognize I would need any experience to supply marijuana. That director brought myself and others in for an interview, then he easily hired myself and others to toil in the store as well as a couple of months later I started making deliveries. I receive entirely unbelievable money delivering marijuana supplies. I do not have the same benefits that I did at the factory, even though I do have some benefits as well as a couple of perks. I get medical, dental, as well as vision benefits with the medical as well as recreational marijuana dispensary as well as I also get a discount on all medical marijuana supplies, after I got the task laboring at the marijuana dispensary, I got our acquaintance a task there too, then he solely Works inside of the store, because he doesn’t have a driver’s license, occasionally the two of us toil the same shifts as well as the two of us will ride together to save on gas. I thought I was doomed when the factory closed, but the closing of the factory provided myself and others the option to try out a unusual task for the first time in our life.

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