I hate when they focus on making cannabis a political thing

I come from a family of generational cannabis users.

I previously assumed that it was my Grandma that started smoking cannabis back in the 1940s in jazz clubs in NYC, however she says that our family was bringing up cannabis plants for personal use in the mid to late 1870s.

I just can’t easily believe that the marijuana use in my family goes back so far! But back then, there was nothing strange in the slightest about it. Things changed in the early 1990s when it became a weapon used against immigrants as well as people of color in our actual country as well as abroad. It’s a royal shame that upon exiting alcohol prohibition, all of us were at the heels of what would be a century-long drug war on cannabis also. The people I was with and I have more states in this country with some form of legal cannabis in modern times, but there are still people who are trying to politicize medical marijuana because they don’t agree that high THC levels are a good thing for people. If they’re not doctors or pharmacologists, I don’t see how their opinions hold any sway. Unluckily, a ton of these politicians are creating the rules as well as regulations for medical cannabis in the states that only have medical marijuana programs as well as not recreational cannabis as well. Doctors have recognized the true value of medical marijuana, as well as several studies have concluded the same. I wish it would stop being a political problem. The people I was with and I need full marijuana legalization at the federal level so we don’t need to suffer with state governments that care more about their donors than they do about the health as well as wellness of their citizens. I should not have to worry about losing access to my medical marijuana products to the degree that I do at this current moment.

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