I have a lot to learn about cannabis

I think the budtenders at the shop are getting tired of seeing my face. If I was a pretty young woman it would be a different story, but I am a cranky old man. No one enjoys spending time with a crank old man! Nonetheless, I am very new to the world of smoking weed, and I want to learn as much as I can. I have been going to the cannabis dispensary several times a week, trying to find times when there are very few customers around, so I can pepper the budtenders with questions. I want to know more about the effects of sativa versus indica, and which new blends and strains are the most potent. Before now everything I knew about drugs came from record albums from the 70s. I heard about Purple Haze because of Jimi Hendrix, and all my other knowledge came from the comedy of Cheech & Chong. Now I have access to cannabis experts that can tell me the science and botanical history of the strains I am smoking. I wonder how much funner the old Cheech & Chong albums would be now that I am actually smoking cannabis? Whenever I go to the cannabis dispensary I can speak to whoever happens to be working, because all the employees are pretty sharp. They also have a computer system that can give them deeper info on any of the cannabis products they aren’t personally familiar with. I prefer smoking the cannabis buds, but these old lungs aren’t as strong as they used to be, so I need to sample more kinds of cannabis edibles.

Cannabis edibles