I have each and every weekend off currently and I love that

We go to the state park that is close to the property

I have been toiling at the marijuana shop downtown for about 3 years. During that time I have worked as a delivery driver, front counter budtender, and in back room order fulfillment. I learned plenty about marijuana while in that time. The boss offered to make me assistant director, however I am going to school to get my degree at this time and I don’t want to toil full time. I have every weekend off right now and toiling as a director would pretty much mean toiling on Mondays and Sundays. Since I have been at the marijuana shop for the longest time, I finally get to take off on Mondays and Sundays and those are the afternoons that I get to spend with my girlfriend. She has a Tuesday through Saturday 9:00 to 5:00 task at an office. The only time my buddy and I easily get to see one another is on those days. I toil a night shift at the marijuana shop most times so I don’t get back to my property from toil until she is getting ready to go to sleep. On Mondays and Sundays my buddy and I use our time together for activities that each one of us love so much. We easily like to go hiking and Mountain biking. As of late, the weather has been pretty amazing. We go to the state park that is close to the property. I grab a marijuana joint from our stash and the two of us smoke a joint before my buddy and I ride the trails on our bikes. Weekends are the only time when my girlfriend will smoke marijuana and she loves getting high just as much as I do before my buddy and I go for a ride.

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