I immediately lost the discounted vape pen after buying it

My friends and I decided to stop at the cannabis dispensary before we made the choice to go to the beach, but I wasn’t going to buy anything from the dispensary, because I did not have a lot of money…

  • When I saw a disposable hybrid blue dream vape pen, I decided to option it up; then the half-gram disposable Blue Dream vape pen was only $17 with tax.

It seemed similar to a fantastic option for our afternoon at the beach, and after all, the vape pen is easy to use and very discreet. My friend purchased a disposable vape pen as well, even though he picked a strain that wasn’t actually blue dream. I did not know the name, but my associate said it was fantastic. My friends and I spent most of our afternoon at the tide pools. I was looking for some cool photographs to take for my website. I took lots of shots of the cove, the jagged rocks, the crashing waves, and the tiny little sea animals in each hole. When we got back to my truck, I reached into my pocket so I could hit the disposable vape pen. I searched both pockets, however I was unable to locate my little smoking device. I searched all over the truck as well. I must have lost it somewhere down on the beach that afternoon. I barely got to smoke it much at all. I was super bummed out after I lost the pen, but the rest of the afternoon turned out to be a lot of fun too. Thankfully I only spent $17 on the pen and not fifty bucks.



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