I like our cannabis dispensary weekends

I live in a state where the marijuana laws are still stupid & arcane.

The people I was with and I keep getting closer to at least getting medical marijuana passed buy it sure hasn’t been easy.

Thankfully, a neighboring state has passed access to cannabis dispensaries for both medical marijuana & recreational marijauna. It’s not a terribly long drive so all of us can at least get to the cannabis dispensary every few weeks or so. But my spouse & I like to make a trip of going to the cannabis dispensary. Since it’s a many hour drive & such a glad opportunity to be going to a cannabis dispensary, all of us make the weekend out of it. The town all of us go to has many legitimately nice local cannabis spots & all of us like to make the rounds to all of them. It’s even gotten to the point that the staff in these marijuana suppliers guess us when all of us come in. There is also some nice hotels & charming restaurants where all of us go to shop for marijuana for sale. And we’re at a point in our lives where treating ourselves to a long weekend many or many times a year is great thing. Plus, this town where all of us shop for sativa & indica strains also has some of the most beautiful parks. The people I was with and I like to spend time enjoying or sharing a cannabis edible outside in this charming setting. While all of us would like it if our state would come to its senses, we’ll also just wait since our cannabis products are only a many hour drive away.
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