I like to eat potato chips after smoking weed

The two of us were from a rural community as well as the two of us were not exposed a great deal to drugs as well as different kinds of alcohol.

The two of us were really hanging out with the kids that drink beers.

The two of us did not suppose anything at all about marijuana products I’d sell the two of us were spending time in university. My friends gave myself as well as others marijuana as well as I tried to say no many couple of times but I eventually decided to try it. I absolutely loved the way that the two of us felt after the two of us were smoking weed. We really did it smoke much weed all of the time, the two of us regularly get the munchies if we smoke a lot of weed so the two of us always are certain to make sure that food is around when my friends as well as myself are high. I had a party on New Year’s Eve at my own apartment and at that time I went to the dispensary as well as had weird types of marijuana. I also purchased a bowl, as well as rolling papers. I purchased alcohol, beer, as well as a huge assortment of weird foods. I regularly do that I would be very hungry after drinking some of the beers as well as smoking marijuana so I had a bag of potato chips that was there for me to eat after I was done smoking. I had popcorn as well as a sub.

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