I like to use a half THC, half CBD product every morning before my workout

Before getting my life in order last year, I was terrible about shifting sleep schedules and having a chronic poor diet overall.

It was obvious that these tendencies were having a deleterious effect on my quality of life and mental health as a whole, and it was a therapist who urged me to take action and create some order amid my chaos.

I had to get myself to sleep faster at night and wake up with my alarms instead of constantly hitting the snooze button. It’s a change I keep trying to make, but no matter what something seems to throw me back and I falter. Then I discovered the world of fitness and weightlifting. A friend from work who is a huge gym rat offered to take me as a guest one day after work. This was my first time in a gym and I immediately loved the experience. They offered me a discount on my membership and I started going every single morning before work. Now my sleeping schedule is stabilized and I’m getting a ton of exercise. To help me power through my morning workouts. I use a ratio marijuana product which contains an even ratio of THC to CBD inside. Having both cannabinoids at equal levels gives me a steady experience that dissolves physical pain without sedating me in any way. Without these ratio cannabis products, I don’t know if I would enjoy my morning workouts to the degree that I do right now. Sometimes I use them as a cannabis tincture, while other times I simply eat the cannabis oil as an edible and let it take longer to absorb into my body.



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