I lose out on the car sometimes

My husband as well as I share a truck, and both of us both work from home as well as respectfully attend the same events together.

It seemed dumb to have multiple vehicles. 90% of the time it is a great, economically smart decision. 10% of the time it is a huge pain in the butt. Technically we each own 50% of the car. It seems like anytime our husband needs it though, he gets priority. I have to wait for my turn. I never get priority driving! A few times a year I am left separate from a car when I truly need one. My husband is very likely to drive the vehicle to the airport when he has a business trip as well as leave it there. Then I am stuck for around 3-4 days with no car. It is always rough when I need to option things up. My bicycle works in a pinch however certain locations are just too far. I don’t want to carry a case of water as well as snacks in our bike basket either. I also don’t want to cross multiple lanes of heavy traffic on a bike. I avoid biking to our marijuana store. That ride is just way too frightening. It is all off roading as well as there are tons of stopping points due to stop signs. The cars don’t tend to watch for bikers either. When I don’t have a vehicle as well as I need our cannabis flower, I just place an online order for cannabis delivery. The fee is so small compared to what I would pay to get out of the bike ride. I much prefer having it sent directly to me.



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