I love the way that red dream feels

Blue Dream is absolutely a single of my favorite marijuana strains.

I’m blissful that it is popular with lots of people, because that means it is consistently available at the marijuana dispensary.

I am currently living in a state that has recreational and medical marijuana laws. There are dispensaries all over the town and much of the countryside. The prices for marijuana in the country are actually lower than the prices in the city. I spend about 10% less than most of my friends that live an sixth west; All of the marijuana dispensaries around here offer delivery services. I do not mind paying a small fee for the delivery service, even though I usually spend enough money so I qualify for free delivery. The last time I ordered items from that marijuana dispensary, I had that driver bring the items for delivery. It was genuinely hot and I did not want to drive my car. I was comfortable at lake new home on my day off and I thought I would treat myself with delivery. I also had pepperoni pizza delivered that day. The marijuana dispensary had a sale on top shelf flower and they had red dream. I bought a half ounce of the Blue Dream flower. I opened the bin as soon as it arrived. The buds were covered with colorless crystals and the flower was heavy and dense. I genuinely got a nice deal when I found the top shelf flower on sale. I also got a chocolate bar with almonds, toffee, and oatmilk. The entire bar has 100 mg of THC. I can’t wait to make Smores with it.


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