I love these disposable vaporizer pens filled with cannabis oil

After I changed jobs, I am always on the go and in my car.

I am a delivery driver for a flower company, but I do food runs for places like GrubHub and UberEats whenever I have down time from my day job.

Since it’s the time of the winter holidays, I am busier now in my jobs than I am at any other time of the year. While this inevitably leads to more disposable income for me to spend during the months of November, December, and January, those increases are equalized out when we hit low points at other points throughout the year. Since I’m away from my home for most of the day during this time of the year, I like to keep extra food and drinks in my car so I’m not tempted to buy lots of food and beverages out of the house where I’m paying lots of money to do so. I also have my laptop that I bring with me if I have to sit and wait in a parking lot before my next shift begins. It was through working this job that I decided to try cannabis vaporizer pens for the first time. These little discreet vape pens are basically a cartridge with a mouthpiece connected to a battery with a firing button on it. The cartridge is filled with cannabis oil that is extracted one of a number of different ways. These cannabis vape cartridge pens are so discreet that they can be concealed in a number of different places, especially when you’re out and about and walking around the city. Most people will assume you’re using a nicotine vaporizer if they even see the vapor in the first place. There’s a good chance no one will notice you taking a drag from your cannabis vape pen if you’re careful when you do it.



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