I love utilizing first-time-patient discounts at medical cannabis dispensaries

When I was buying cannabis on the black market, you had to know really well-connected people if you wanted top shelf weed for less than $50 for an eighth of an ounce.

These cannabis flower products were not lab tested and could range up to 15% in THC regardless of how frosty the buds look or the power of the aroma when it hits your nose. Buying at dispensaries means that my marijuana is clean and labeled appropriately for potency. And on top of that assurance, I actually know what strain I am smoking and can compare to whatever else is available. By doing this, I learned that I prefer sativa strains during the day for working and love indicas at night for unwinding. Best of all, the dispensaries in my state all offer first-time-patient discounts, often up to 50% off your first order. Since there are new dispensary companies opening every year, I can save a lot on my cannabis products by utilizing these sales promotions. Although I tend to prefer cannabis flower products if I’m going to use weed on a daily basis, it’s also nice to try cannabis edibles, oils, and concentrate products. I still have a large bag of cannabis candy products from when a new dispensary opened down the road from my house a few months ago. Sometimes I like to end my day with a bowl of cannabis flower buds and a few cannabis candies in my stomach. I find that it’s a much better way to end a stressful and hectic day of work than alcohol. I don’t have nearly as many lingering effects the next day either.
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