I met my spouse at a cannabis reform rally

I met Jo in college, but i was studying there, trying to get my degree in building construction, and Jo was just going to see campus; Jo was a protestor.

  • Jo didn’t have a work, or go to college, Jo received his money from a covert political group to travel around to college campuses and generate protests against certain causes.

I never even knew that was a real task someone could have! When I met Jo he was in the Quad on campus, trying to get signatures to put medical cannabis legalization on the Fall ballot. I had a head full of marijuana smoke at the time, and was eager to sign the petition, but once I locked eyes with Jo, I knew it wasn’t just the effects of cannabis, it was real love, but two weeks later I dropped out of college and went on the road with Jo helping him organize cannabis rallies and protests at other colleges! Jo was so passionate about his cause of cannabis legalization and that was honestly appealing to me. It’s strenuous to find someone with that level of passion! Alas, Jo was not as passionate about myself and others as he was about cannabis! Jo and I broke up for a while, and didn’t see each other again until all of us ran into each other at another cannabis rally some years later. Jo was still passionate about cannabis, however he also missed myself and others and needed myself and others back, and since cannabis had been legalized in our state, Jo was a little more relaxed, and ready to settle down and start a family. It’s not exactly a romantic tale, however I’ll take it.

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