I needed a website for a cannabis dispensary.

My sister and I had been discussing opening a cannabis dispensary for three years now.

We were finally getting the opportunity to do what we wanted to do the most, but we had run headfirst into our first of many problems. Not only did we have to take all the classes to learn the laws and regulations that go with owning a cannabis dispensary, but we also had to set up our business plan. One of the first parts of our business plan was to have a business website for the cannabis dispensary. Neither of us knew anything about creating a website, so we went online. Luckily for us, we found an online web development company who had a department that specialized in cannabis dispensaries. The man asked us if we had any mockups of the web design we were interested in, and we looked at each other. We told him we didn’t have a clue how to build a website for a cannabis dispensary or any other business. He gave us several options for website names and walked us through a preliminary website. After getting a website name, and giving him some information about our future business, he told us to give him a week. A week later, we got a phone call back from the web development company. He gave us a website address and told us to sign in using a password he gave us. Neither my sister nor I believed that he had set up such a beautiful website for us in less than a week, and they had not completed it yet.


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