I needed SEO for my new business

When I decided to open up a cannabis dispensary, I didn’t realize how much work went into it. I needed to handle the business aspect of forming an LLC, getting the paperwork together, securing a building, and getting a POS system set up. I also needed the cannabis side of it by establishing a relationship with a local grower, getting qualified budtenders and finding the right labels for all the cannabis products. Once everything was up and running, I realized there was a third area to the cannabis world that I was lacking. I needed to secure some cannabis SEO. Having a dispensary isn’t good enough. Sure I had an initial surge of people when I opened my doors. After that business dried up and I was worried I wouldn’t get enough traffic to keep me afloat. So I started looking at different search engine optimization companies. I found a company that does website building, social media and SEO. They have different package levels for monthly prices. I decided to do the highest package since I needed a lot of help. The web build was amazing. The web designer took pictures of the store that made it look new, modern and huge. The content on the website was professional and accurate. After having a good website, the SEO analyst helped it rank on google when you looked for cannabis stores in the area. The social media management team helps keep the public up to date with the sales I have going on. It was money well spent.
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