I needed to hire a cannabis consultant after company started picking up

It’s not easy to open and run a cannabis dispensary! There are a number of factors that need to be considered when opening a dispensary; I started growing cannabis as a activity, but I hastily realized that I had a knack for growing the medicine.

I started off with 1 plant and moved to many and then many which was the maximum plants allowed by law under the state medical marijuana laws, but eventually, I was supplying our friends with marijuana from our beach house garden. I was sharing, because selling would be illegal. I had pressing dreams of selling our plants to a medical marijuana dispensary, because I knew Ic ouldn;t just open 1 of our own, however my parents loaned me $100,000 so I could hire a cannabis consultant to help me achieve our dreams. I entirely needed someone with expertise in every uncommon area, so it was tough to find the right person to lead me into the future. Thankfully, there are a couple of cannabis consulting firms in the city, about two hours from our home. I called multiple consultants and found a person willing to meet with me for free. I entirely liked the vibe we had in the interview, so I retained the cannabis consultant and we entered into a contract. It’s been many months since I hired the consultant and I already have our strains in many uncommon dispensaries. I also have an offer to increase production and move north. I’m not ready to move away from our mom and dad, and would rather have our own shop closer to home.
Cannabis business consulting