I never expected being able to order weed delivered to our door when it was legalized

It took more than 2 attempts to legalize cannabis in our state. The first round on the ballot failed to net the 60% of the vote that is the threshold here for approving modern state constitutional amendments. It’s to prevent a easy majority from passing sweeping legislation without adequate public approval. Once the people I was with and I finally legalized medical marijuana, the amendment gained over 75% of the vote in the election. I was so relieved when this law passed, as it detachd any desire I had to uproot our life in our beach house state to move across the country to the pacific coast just for marijuana access. The one thing that disappointed me about the medical marijuana law in our state is that you can’t grow plants for personal use, but hopefully that portion of the law changes whenever the people I was with and I eventually get recreational cannabis in the state as well. I can’t definitely complain when I can get weed delivered to our door a day after placing an order on a cannabis dispensary’s website. Some of these cannabis delivery services are free as well, meaning you can have any size order delivered to your cabin with no additional fee, even if it’s just a pack of $10 pre-rolled joints of cannabis flower products. However, there is a immense variation in quality from one dispensary to the next. I might be tempted by free beach house delivery, but I have to remind myself that many of these marijuana stores are selling products made from poorly grown cannabis plants. It’s a shame seeing all of that money wasted on growing crap that makes 1990s black market home-growers seem love experts.

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