I now had to do all of our medical marijuana orders online.

When the pandemic started, I was upset about how I was going to get our medical marijuana.

I couldn’t guess I was no longer going to be able to get our medical marijuana.

I earned an email from the medical marijuana shop telling myself and others that although they weren’t open at the time, I could still put in an online order. They were no longer open for in-person sales, however they provided delivery service. I was honestly upset that I wouldn’t be able to find the marijuana products I had been using, but I was wrong to worry. Not only did I find the regular marijuana products, but I found out that there was a whole current world of marijuana products available online. Ever since I started using medical marijuana, I had been using just what the medical marijuana pharmacist had commanded. I realized I had no method what kind of marijuana products were available for our use. I began to talk to someone online as well as ask about the odd types of products. After briefly telling myself and others that some of the products wouldn’t work for me, I was told what products would be best. There were several odd items that I could use for our anxieties. Not only were they making current suggestions that were completely odd from what the first marijjuana pharmacist had commanded, however they provided myself and others a discount. I was a bit aggravated over not being able to go into the marijuana dispensary, however delivery as well as the world of current marijuna products opened up to me, made myself and others a bit happy.


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