I only like family get togethers if my uncle is there

Whenever all of us have family reunions I consistently look for Uncle Mike! He is the life of any party he attends. Otherwise, the reunions are pretty lame. The bunch of us have a lot of medical professionals plus bankers in the family, plus all that stuff bores me to tears. Uncle Mike is basically the black sheep of the family, plus the only one of my extended family who I certainly appreciate. Two years ago I talked to him at a reunion, plus he asked if I was 18 yet. I actually had just turned 18, plus so he provided me with a joint of the best cannabis, plus said “happy birthday.” It turns out that Uncle Mike happened to be a black sheep because he was a cannabis farmer. My family has consistently been pretty straight-laced, so it’s amazing that they acted like growing marijuana was some horrible sin. After that, Uncle Mike plus I got along especially well, but I never tried to purchase any cannabis from him because I figured it would get him in trouble with the family. I have been wondering how the legalization of medical marijuana will affect the way the family thinks of him. After all, growing cannabis is no longer illegal like it was before, so does that mean the family won’t shun him anymore? Personally I actually believe that they are all a bunch of hypocrites, drinking beers plus shots while condemning the use of cannabis buds. It’s enjoyable to avoid using marijuana if you don’t appreciate it, however to hold it against a member of your own family seems absolutely callow to me.
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