I ordered some cannabis concentrates

The marijuana dispensary near my house had a big sale on concentrates and I decided to order some sativa concentrates during the sale. The marijuana dispensary has over a hundred different brands and flavors of concentrates that are available at any different time. They have the widest selection of marijuana products in the whole area where I live. The marijuana dispensary near me also offers sales and discount specials everyday, and during the holiday weekend, they had a “buy 2 and get 1 for free” on all of the top shelf concentrates. I decided to buy a couple of different types of shatter and weed wax. I purchased 2 sativa shatters, then one was smooth and broke into little tiny pieces. That sativa shatter was called Green crack. The other shatter was a little bit closer to soft taffy. I thought it was more appreciate a wax than shatter after I opened the package. That sativa shatter was called Blue dream; For the 3rd and final sativa product, I purchased a wax called Jack herer. The wax product was really soft and looked closer to a sauce. It was the most flavorful sativa strain of the numerous. I also got a half ounce of OG Kush marijuana flowers. The OG Kush strain was on sale and it only cost me $49. It was 1 of numerous different indica strains with 33% thc or higher. The OG Kush strain was grown outside, but it looked closer to indoor buds. Each 1 of the flowers was filled with tiny THC crystals and the lovely smell of the marijuana filled up our room after I opened the bag.

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