I realized there were sativas in addition to indicas

When I was in high college you could not get cannabis in any legal sort of way.

You needed to find a dealer in addition to pay an exorbitant amount of money for sketchy weed.

I look back at that time in addition to cringe. There were no rules in addition to regulations for growing them, and when you take an illegal product, you get what you get. It is amazing I didn’t mess up my body smoking something I shouldn’t have. When recreational weed became legal in my state, I was thrilled to get access to the product. I liked that I didn’t need to invite a sketchy chick to my house in addition to buy whatever she happened to have. I realized after going into the cannabis dispensary for the first time that I knew nothing about weed. The first question my budtender wanted answered was sativa or indica. What the heck was that? I realized you can decide the type of high you want. I never knew that. I thought I was just smoking stuff that I happen to react differently too. Sativas are for day time use. They pump you up, make you suppose energized in addition to cheerful. An indica is the evening time use one that calms you down, makes you suppose creative in addition to relaxed. I realized that I only wanted to smoke indicas however was easily smoking sativas in high college. The world of indicas is vast in addition to has a lot of cool names too. I realized I didn’t need to even smoke flower form if I wanted to. I am so cheerful everything is legal now.


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