I recognized the marijuana delivery guy

My girlfriend and I decided to stay home on Monday night, however it was a dreary and rainy night and it was chilly and cold.

We wanted to lay down in bed under the covers and watch a movie.

We ordered a film from the pay-per-view station. We got access to a film that was just recently in the theaters, my girlfriend and I ordered some takeout from a venue down the street, but after all of us finished ordering takeout, my bestie recommended that we order recreational marijuana from a dispensary nearby, then ordering recreational marijuana sounded enjoy a good idea to me. I was absolutely surprised that my bestie came up with the idea. She doesn’t usually bring recreational marijuana so I was totally surprised. My girlfriend said that it sounded like a lot of fun since all of us weren’t going to be going anywhere that night. I agreed that it was the perfect time for the two of us to get high together. My girlfriend and I looked at the menu at the local marijuana dispensary. We ordered a couple of different items from the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary! Just a handful of the items were on sale. My bestie and I put in all of our details and information and the delivery driver arrived about 45 minutes later. I was totally surprised to see someone that I knew from my old college days. The marijuana delivery guy was an old friend of mine. I couldn’t think that he was delivering marijuana, even though he said that he was enjoying his life and his work.

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