I simply love being a cannabis delivery driver.

I don’t actually know what it was about being a cannabis delivery driver, but I enjoyed what I was doing.

I got to meet a lot of cool people now that my associate and I were delivering ladies and not with a no-contact rule.

Some people still suppose in tipping people who do their cannabis delivery, which makes it nice. It’s a few extra dollars in your pocket. Even apart from getting a tip, I have met people I would have never met if I weren’t a marijuana delivery driver, however last month, I delivered multiple marijuana products who was a veteran of the Vietnam War. She talked to me for almost a half hour. I was sure she was lonely because she said her spouse had divorced him multiple years earlier. She told me about being at Camp Lejeune, which is where a lot of her health complications started. I suppose that she would have talked for at least another hour if I hadn’t told him I had other cannabis deliveries to make that afternoon. She apologized for keeping me, and said if I stopped by again, she would appreciate talking to me longer. I tried to put him on my regular marijuana delivery route, but I didn’t typically get the same one. One afternoon, I realized my last marijuana delivery was to the outdated man’s address. I sat and talked to him for almost two hours once I called into the dispensary to tell them I made my last marijuana delivery of the afternoon and what I was doing. They definitely knew who I was talking about and then thanked me for calling in.


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