I stayed up late waiting for the weed guy

The last delivery orders from the weed dispensary are taken at 9 pm. The manager of the dispensary will not make any exceptions. I called at 903 on one evening and she refused to take my order for delivery. She was happy to help me set up a delivery for the next day or turn the order into a pickup, but she was not going to break the rules. I ordered a few items from the dispensary last weekend. I placed the order at 8:45, 15 minutes before the nine threshold and with plenty of time to spare. I didn’t get a call from the store budtender like I usually do, so I decided to call the shop. The lady on the phone tried to tell me that I did not place an order. I gave her the order confirmation which I received on my phone. She apologized for the confusion and did not know how the order was missed. Since I placed the order before 9, she agreed to deliver the items. Unfortunately, all of the drivers were already out for the night and she had to wait until someone came back. I had to stay up late waiting for the weed driver to arrive. I wasn’t going to back out of the delivery after the manager was willing to send a guy out on a special request. It was 10:15 before the driver arrived with my items and I was ready to pass out when he arrived. I didn’t try any of the new items until the next day.


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