I think one of my students had weed in their pocket

As a middle school teacher, I have seen a lot of crazy things. When I started teaching 30 years ago, Middle School students were much younger than they are today. Today’s students are entirely different from the children that I taught when I started so many years ago. A few years ago, metal detectors were installed in the lobby and every student now has to walk through the metal detectors before they can enter the building. Drugs are a serious problem, especially because marijuana is very easily accessed. Marijuana is probably the drug of choice for Middle School students. Marijuana is easily available since we live in a state with access to medical and recreational products. There are several dispensaries within miles of the middle school. It’s just as easy for kids to get ahold of pot as it is for kids to get alcohol. It might even be easier. A couple of days ago I was giving the class a test on the history of our government. The entire classroom was very still and silent. I was walking around the room and I noticed a very strange and odd smell. After a few minutes, I recognized the odor to be marijuana. I couldn’t tell where the smell of marijuana was coming from, but I honestly think one of my students had weed in their pocket. I couldn’t tell who it was, but I am on the lookout. These kids are too impressionable to make good choices and I will do my best to stop them from making mistakes at a young age.



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