I think there are still too many laws about cannabis

Am I happy about legalization? Sure, of course I am… but not happy enough.

There was too much damage done to people over the last few decades to forget about it.

Although it is great that I won’t go to jail for buying pot now, what about all those poor souls who were imprisoned for it? There are still people in jail over pot, so I’m not sure how “legal” it really is. The system takes a long time to reform, and I understand that, but I still think there are too many laws on the books about cannabis. There should be as many cannabis laws as there are laws about roses, or orchids, or raspberries. That means anyone in jail for a cannabis charge should be released, and their records expunged. Anyone in history who has a cannabis charge on their record should be exonerated. All drug testing for cannabis should cease immediately, even for government jobs. After that, cannabis should be recognized by the health insurance companies as a healthy and beneficial supplement. If there are medical cannabis dispensaries all over the country, then they should be accepted medical insurance, right? After all of these changes are made to the system, then I think I would be satisfied that cannabis is legitimately legal. As it stands, cannabis has only been legalized enough so the big corporations and government fat cats can profit, none of it was done for the good of the people. Let’s try and really make America great again, with a complete and total acceptance of cannabis.

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