I thought the order seemed a little low

I went online to the Cannabis shops website so I could order some items for delivery.

I bought multiple grams of cannabis concentrate! Each one of the jars was at least $30 each.

I bought a bin of bubble hash as well. It was $21. I also bought a half ounce of marijuana shake. It was reasonably priced at $50. When I gained our total from the cannabis shop, it did not include taxes. When the budtender called to review our order, she gave me the total for the products. The amount seemed low, but she learn back the order plus it seemed correct. When the delivery driver arrived with our tote of medical plus recreational marijuana products, I abruptly realized why the total seemed so low. The half ounce of marijuana Shake was missing from the bag. When I started to guess about our conversation with the budtender, I truthfully couldn’t remember her telling me that the marijuana Shake was area of the order. I called the dispensary plus spoke with the same lady that confirmed our original order, however she learn everything back plus the half oz was not a area of the order. The budtender gave to send another driver to our residence with the missing half ounce of Blue Dream flower plus I agreed. I truthfully did not want to go without any orange dream flower the next day. Since they agreed to deliver the items, I did not protest. The driver came back pretty abruptly with the missing area of our order, so I gave the girl a couple of extra bucks.
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