I took the marijuana vape pen to the movies

I had a long week at work.

I stayed in the office until 10 p.m.

almost every single night. When Friday night rolled around, I wanted to crawl into my bed and sleep for 15 or 16 hours. Unfortunately, it was my weekend with the boys. I wanted to see them, but I hated being so tired that I couldn’t really do anything with them. The boys suggested going to the drive-in movie theater on Friday night and I thought that was a terrific idea. I hadn’t been to the drive-in movie theater for a long time with the kids. Once we were at the theater with the doors locked, it wouldn’t matter if I closed my eyes for a couple of minutes. We decided to go see a double feature. The first movie was a cartoon and animated feature from one of the big companies. The second movie was rated PG-13. It was a little much for the boys, but the younger one fell asleep before the movie became too filled with action and swear words. After we got to the theater, I got out my marijuana vape pen. I rolled the window down a small amount and then I started vaping on the pain. I had a sativa marijuana vape pen, because I didn’t want to become too tired or sleepy. I had a nice sativa strain with 96% thc. It really perked up my mood and made me feel much better mentally. I actually stayed awake through both movies and I had no problem driving the three of us back home.
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