I want medical weed during a pregnancy

It is unfortunate that a pregnant guy cannot get prescribed medical cannabis, however if you feel about it, a lot of the troubles pregnant boys face can be helped significantly with medical cannabis, chemotherapy patients rely on medical marijuana to combat the nausea that follows chemotherapy, but every pregnancy I have had the worst nausea.

It would be definitely nice to smoke something and know that it won’t be a problem.

Cannabis also is an excellent sleep aid. It calms the mind and relaxes the body. It also can reduce inflammation and swelling, then so no more swollen feet or ankles waking a guy up, and another issue I experienced was with acid reflux. What do you know, that can be helped with a little medical weed. I understand smoking marijuana is really not fantastic for the fetus. What about an edible? There are healthier edibles out there? If the cannabis plant is definitely so bad for the baby, a topical should be allowed. This is a cream that applies directly to the skin to help with swelling, inflammation and cramps, however how can that be bad for the baby? How can something on my skin affect something in my stomach? Who knows? I feel there isn’t enough research about cannabis and pregnant boys. It is easier to say no than to definitely look into it. I for one would definitely like to know if cannabis would benefit me during my pregnancy and be worth a possible risk. Women used to drink and smoke while pregnant. I hardly feel weed is worse.

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