I want to try cannabis drinks but they’re still illegal in my home state

I’m happy to say that I am now two-years sober from alcohol.

Although it’s not an excuse, I come from a long line of alcoholics. Both sets of grandparents were all drinkers, and the same went for many of my aunts and uncles. My dad hasn’t given up drinking yet, but he has it under control and doesn’t allow it to control him like it once did. It’s hard watching an alcoholic go down a path of a downward spiral, especially if you do everything you can and it’s still not enough to lessen their impacts with reality. I was this person for the longest time in my family, and I know I pushed everyones’ patience with my antics. But after going to my first AA meeting, I immediately quit smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and replaced both with medical marijuana. The medical marijuana dispensaries in my state produce some of the best cannabis in the country. My city has had multiple growers from here that at one point or another won a cannabis cup in the years past. Still, we don’t always have the most progressive rules regarding cannabis either. Cannabis drinks are still illegal because there was a lobbying push to remove them when they first hit the market a number of years ago. People who are utterly terrified at the thought of children finding them and drinking them, although I guess it’s not a problem if they find your alcohol, right? I absolutely hate this double standard regarding alcohol and cannabis, especially when it’s perpetuated by sloppy drunks trying to make themselves feel better.
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