I wanted medical marijuana, but they told me I was getting medical cannabis.

When I went to the doctor to get my medical marijuana ID card, they kept talking about medical cannabis.

Every time I open my mouth to tell him I didn’t want medical cannabis but medical marijuana, he interrupted me to tell me how to use certain products.

He must’ve realized I was confused, because he stopped and gave me an odd book. He asked what my confusion was over? I told him that I was interested in medical marijuana for my depression, but all anyone wanted to talk about was medical cannabis. He chuckled and asked if I had ever used marijuana before? Although I had often considered using marijuana, I had never really tried it. I asked him what the difference was between marijuana and cannabis? The more the doctor spoke to me, the more ridiculously stupid I felt. I realize that medical cannabis, and medical marijuana, are the same thing. Cannabis was the technical term for marijuana. We had a long discussion about what kind of medical cannabis/marijuana I should be using, and the strength of the dosage I should be using. He said he would put everything in my information packet, and when I got to the cannabis dispensary, they would help me to choose the proper products. He assured me they had a marijuana pharmacist available at every medical marijuana dispensary. When I left his office, I was not only more learned about medical cannabis/marijuana, but I had a plan of action for my depression, and felt more at ease going to the medical marijuana dispensary.

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