I wanted to advertise my new CBD business.

I bought a franchise for a CBD business.

Even though it was an online CBD dispensary, I knew I needed to do advertising for it.

I went online to see what kind of advertising I should be doing. The first thing that came up was social media ads. I didn’t even use social media, so I did not know how to do a social media ad. I was then reading about websites. I knew I had to have a website for my CBD business, or there would be no way for customers to reach me or purchase anything. I contacted an online advertisement company. Not only were they able to do my social media ads for me, but they also helped me to get a website and also to do the web design. It wasn’t until I contacted the online company that I realized how many social media sites there were. Each social media site had their own way of advertising. The web designer that was assigned to me specialized in cannabis dispensaries and CBD business. She said that my web design had to include SEO that would make my website visible to anyone who does a web search. I didn’t know what SEO was, but I will learn, and I will trust the website designer that was going to work with me to do their best. It took a month to get my website set up, since I also needed to have a store that showed all of my online inventory. Without the website designer and social media ads, my CBD business would’ve been a flop.


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