I was able to be helped with a natural alternative.

I hadn’t heard about holistic health until I talked to my buddy Janie.

  • She had been out of the area for several years when I ran into his on the street.

All of us had a few intermittent conversations online, but other than that, I hadn’t talked to his in all that time. It amazed myself and others how legitimately the conversation flowed and it was there hadn’t been any time separating us. The only thing that surprised myself and others was how simple it was to talk about his recreational marijuana use. She told myself and others he wanted to transfer back lake house for several years, but he would not transfer back until our state legalized recreational marijuana. That’s when he began to tell myself and others about how he had been practicing holistic health for the last several years. With the help of recreational marijuana, he had been able to go from a near recluse with self-image concerns, to the guy he used to be. She told myself and others that recreational marijuana helped to be herself again. I was surprised to hear his talk about recreational marijuana, since he was the only a single in our group who was totally against the use of any drugs. She laughed and told myself and others that once he found out about holistic health, it was simple to take the next step. She didn’t think where he would be right now, if he hadn’t discovered holistic health and recreational marijuana. I was so ecstatic to be able to talk to his again and catch up that nothing would have made myself and others infuriated. I plan on staying close now that he is back in town, and maybe I’ll ask more questions about holistic health.

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