I was out of pain meds, so I tried weed

The pharmacy was out of my pain meds yesterday, so I couldn’t refill the prescription.

By the time I got home from driving around town, my knees and my back were in a lot of pain.

I took a couple of Tylenol and ibuprofen, but they didn’t help with the pain much at all. My son was visiting at the time and he had marijuana in his car. He told me that the marijuana would help with the pain. I was feeling horrible, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt. I went outside on the porch with my son and we smoked a marijuana joint. I coughed several times and I thought I was going to pee my pants or throw up dinner. I coughed so many times that my back was starting to hurt. After we were done smoking the marijuana joint, I went into the house and sat in front of the television. I started to feel very light-headed and a little dizzy. I drank a big glass of water and felt much better. I suddenly began to feel high. Fortunately, I didn’t feel any pain in my neck or my back or knees after I started to feel high. I felt extremely relaxed and the pain subsided for several hours. I actually fell asleep and didn’t wake up for several hours after I used the medical cannabis. I never would have tried marijuana at all if my son had not been at the house. Using medical marijuana has opened my eyes to a lot of different options and maybe pain medication isn’t the safest and best route to take.

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