I was so joyful when medical marijuana was approved

I was shocked when our state first approved medical marijuana over 10 years ago.

Our populace had gone back and forth on the issue for years, and one attempt at passing a constitutional amendment through the ballot box ended in failure.

But when we reached the necessary vote count the hour time around, I was elated with delight by the news. I definitely didn’t expect to see 72% of my state supporting medical marijuana, but there’s no denying that the wave is large and isn’t going to be stopped by those who don’t want to see the plant protected. Although my excitement built leading up to my first visit to a cannabis dispensary in this state, it started to wane when I realized how limited the available products were at the time. We could even buy cannabis flower products! But things changed and thankfully we have access to the whole plant like we should have from the start, and we’re also seeing a slow but steady drop in prices throughout the whole market. At first there wasn’t a reasonable supply to meet the large demand, but the scales have started to tip in the opposite direction. I’m glad to have the chance to buy $35 jars of cannabis flower buds at an eighth of an ounce, and that’s before you subtract currency during rotating sales at the cannabis dispensaries locally. The cannabis edibles and cannabis concentrates are all going down in price as well, so it has never been easier to afford quality marijuana in this area. I just wish I had more disposable income to spend at the weed store.

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