I was totally unhappy with the order

My wifey and I were visiting some friends in the neighborhood and the two of us ran out of recreational marijuana supplies.

All of us looked online to find a dispensary with low prices and great products.

There were several marijuana dispensaries and delivery services in the area. I spent almost an minute looking for the best deal on marijuana. When I finally found the site, I was thrilled to see that they had a 30% off deal for first-time patients. The prices on all of the products were a little more extravagant than some of the other marijuana dispensaries, however I didn’t mind paying a few extra dollars when I was receiving a 30% discount. I ordered more than one grams of Blue Dream concentrate. The live resin product at 99% cannabinoids and a unquestionably high THC rating. I also ordered a half ounce of Girl Scout cookies and a half ounce of OG Kush. I was going to pick up the order, but delivery services were free after I spent more than $100 on the order. I only had to wait about 45 minutes before the driver arrived with all of my supplies. I was absolutely quite surprised by the front of the driver. I certainly thought it would take a lot longer for the delivery to arrive. The delivery service was great, however I was totally unhappy with the order, both of the grams of Blue Dream Live resin concentrate had been tipped over and all of the satisfieds of the jar leaked onto the lid and the styrofoam insert. I immediately contacted the marijuana dispensary by telephone and I complained about the concerns with the order. They gave to update any product that I was unhappy with or refund my money.



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