I was totally unhappy with the order

My fiance and I were visiting some friends in the neighborhood and both of us ran out of recreational marijuana supplies.

We looked online to find a dispensary with low prices and good products.

There were numerous marijuana dispensaries and delivery services in the area. I spent almost an hour looking for the best deal on marijuana. When I finally found the locale, I was blissful to see that they had a 30% off deal for first-time patients. The prices on all of the products were a little more expensive than some of the other marijuana dispensaries, however I didn’t mind paying a few extra dollars when I was receiving a 30% discount. I ordered 2 grams of Blue Dream concentrate. The live resin product at 99% cannabinoids and a entirely high THC rating. I also ordered a half ounce of Girl Scout cookies and a half ounce of OG Kush. I was going to opening up the order, however delivery services were free after I spent more than $100 on the order. I only had to wait about 45 minutes before the driver arrived with all of our supplies. I was really quite surprised by the front of the driver. I truthfully thought it would take a lot longer for the delivery to arrive. The delivery service was great, however I was totally unhappy with the order; Both of the grams of Blue Dream Live resin concentrate had been tipped over and all of the contents of the jar leaked onto the lid and the styrofoam insert. I instantly contacted the marijuana dispensary by telephone and I complained about the problems with the order. They provided to replace any product that I was unhappy with or refund our currency.


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