I was very wrong about marijuana

I feel stupid for opposing marijuana for so many years.

  • I’m a byproduct of the D.A.R.E.

generation where we had to attend classes once a year through elementary school bemoaning the dangers of drugs. As most these days would expect, the emphasis venued on dangers from marijuana use was disportionately higher than any other drug, including alcohol which is heavily abused. Obviously these classes had a long term effect on how I perceived the cannabis plant and it’s status in the world. Things started to change when one of my best friends in middle school began smoking on the weekends. His grades stayed the same although he became more relaxed and less irritable after becoming a weed smoker. He would send me articles so I could learn more about the medical effects of cannabis and I transitioned into a full-believer. I guess the huge push came when I learned about childhood epilepsy and the way in which CBD was giving these kids their lives back after dealing with numerous seizures every single day. Then I learn about the people getting off their highly addictive opiate pain killers in favor of medical marijuana. Some of these people even claim to have experienced better effects from the right strains of cannabis compared to opiates as strong as Oxycodone. Reading all of this changed my perception of cannabis and really made me want to try it. After I had a few hits off a vaporizer cartridge with Blue Dream distillate oil inside, I immediately drifted off into full-body relaxation. I can’t believe I missed out on the wonders of cannabis for so many years.