I was wiped out by the end of the week

The marijuana dispensary was so busy on 420, because it is the only day of the year when marijuana smokers can enjoy a day of holiday.

In recreational marijuana friendly states, there are lavish parties, events, plus major sales promotions in almost every single city.

I work at a recreational marijuana dispensary in a southern state where marijuana was legalized, then during the 420 holiday, both of us had a bunch of hot deals, sales plus specials. Some of those sales included buy a single plus get a single for free on oils, concentrates plus marijuana pre rolls. All of us also offered fifty dollar ounces throughout the whole week. The dispensary was busy every single day. I worked tons of hours that week. By the end of the week I was tired plus ready for a couple of afternoons off. I needed to relax plus put up my feet. Unfortunately, my bestie Gail had other plans for the 2 of us. Gail wanted to go hiking plus go to the caves. They were only going to be open for a short time. And the weather outside was perfect that day for walking around inside of the cave! Even though I needed rest and a fantastic weekend, it was a lot of fun to go to the caves with Gail plus explore all of the arenas that are only open a single time during the year. Gail and I saw frogs plus bats that are only known to exist in this identifiable cave. I had some rest on Wednesday. Gail let me sleep in for a couple of fifths, while she took the youngsters to her mother’s place for dinner.

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