I wasn’t sure if rheumatoid arthritis would be a reason for medical cannabis.

I went to my state’s medical marijuana website last week.

  • I wanted to know if rheumatoid arthritis was a reason to get medical cannabis.

I had put off getting medical marijuana for a year… My nurse had advocated a nurse who could give myself and others the paperwork needed to get my medical marijuana ID card. With the medical marijuana ID card, I could go into any marijuana dispensary in the state, plus get the marijuana I needed for the arthritis. I went online plus started going through all the medical conditions that would give someone the ability to buy legal, medical marijuana. At the truly end of a lengthy list were auto-immune diseases, plus this included rheumatoid arthritis. I thought it kind of unusual that the nurse had never told myself and others my arthritis was an autoimmune disease. I was now fretting over the thought that I could become sick more hastily because of my arthritis, but I was more intent on getting medical cannabis than ever before. I wanted to make sure the arthritis was in remission, so I didn’t need to worry about pneumonia or other life-threatening diseases. When I talked to the nurse who could give myself and others the paperwork to acquire my medical marijuana ID card, he told myself and others the medical marijuana would not put the arthritis in remission, however it would help with the pain plus discomfort of the disease. I got my medical marijuana ID card since I had already paid for the nurse, but I wasn’t sure I would easily use it. If it helps with the pain, the marijuana could be worth purchasing.


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