I wasn’t too proud to use medical cannabis.

I was talking to my mom about using medical marijuana to help with my anxieties. She gave me a dirty look and asked what happened to my pride. She thought I was throwing away my pride by using drugs. I told her marijuana wasn’t a drug, but a medication that would make me feel better. I asked if she remembered when I tried to commit suicide a year ago. It happened because of postpartum depression. Without medical marijuana, I not only could have injured or killed myself, but also injured or killed my baby. She told me that all women had a rough time after having a baby, but they didn’t all use drugs. I knew mom wasn’t going to try to understand what was going on, so I gave up. My OB/GYN told me that many new mothers suffered from postpartum depression, and if gone untreated, it could result in dire consequences. That I recognized what was happening and went for help, was better than most women. He told me that a low dose of medical cannabis, with a higher percentage of CBD, could help me with what I was experiencing. I got my medical marijuana ID card, and went to the marijuana dispensary. I wasn’t sure what marijuana product would work best for me, so I talked to the dispensary pharmacist. She helped me choose several items and encouraged me to try them all and see which worked best. A year later, I had a second lovely little girl and I was feeling at my best. I don’t know if it was the marijuana or getting pregnant again so soon, that helped me, but I am a happy mother now, and I thanked my doctor and the people at the marijuana dispensary.

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