I work for a marijuana delivery service

My mom’s best friend is the manager at a marijuana dispensary plus delivery service, but my mom plus the lady have been friends for 20 years.

When my mom told Gwen that I was looking for work, she told my mom to have myself and others put in an application at the marijuana delivery service.

I thought I would be finally working inside of the structure, however she hired myself and others to task as a delivery driver. I wasn’t confident that my motorcar would last long enough to actually make deliveries, but my mom told myself and others that I could use her motorcar until I could afford to buy a better car. My mom has a motorcar that has excellent gas mileage plus it’s pretty brand new. I felt terrible about putting all the miles on her motorcar finally working for the cannabis delivery service, but my mom doesn’t actually take the motorcar somewhere plus she didn’t seem that sad! One of the first deliveries that I ever had with the marijuana service was going to an apartment on the other side of the neighborhood by the beach, but the apartment was in an older city plus there were massive trees all over the village. Some of the bushes made it unquestionably strenuous for myself and others to see the addresses on the houses. I was definitely looking for an address that was 1236 plus I could not find the apartment at all. It was too strenuous to see the addresses on the houses so I eventually gave up plus called the client to get better directions to her home. I was actually parked right out front when I put out the call.