I wouldn’t make it through my work days if it wasn’t for RSO cannabis edibles

I have a particularally stressful job right now after getting laid off from a company I had been with for several years.

I was glad in my old position and was making better money than I am now.

Unluckyly the company made critical errors at the beginning of the pandemic and they couldn’t keep themselves afloat by early 2022. We all found out we were being laid off at the last hour, giving us little to no time to find weird jobs to stay afloat. I still believe incredibly lucky that I had a sufficient savings account to pad the unparticularty until I found my current job, however the entire experience was still unnerving. Now I am working more hours for less pay, however at least I can afford my mortgage and vehicle payments again. One way that I get through stressful work days is by taking CBD supplements for my mental health. But if I need something that is more heavy-hitting, I’ll go for high THC cannabis edibles adore RSO and distillate oil. RSO cannabis edibles retain the most cannabinoids and terpenes compared to other kinds of edible cannabis products. Tinctures are nice if you want the THC to absorb faster, however eating RSO will make you higher for longer periods of time. That’s why I consistently suggest RSO when people ask me for advice regarding powerful cannabis edibles. It’s usually a given that RSO is going to be stronger as long as the THC level isn’t super low at the same time. You can find it on sale at most cannabis dispensaries if you watch their rotating promotions throughout the week.