If you want the best, you have to pay for the best

If you want the top-shelf products and services, you have to pay for them. When you order a discount pizza from one of the online delivery services, don’t be surprised and outraged when it shows up late, cold and soggy. You bought bottom-shelf pizza from the cut-rate delivery service, so what else did you expect? For the best food, and the fastest delivery you have to dig deep and pay for it. This is the essence of capitalism, right? Recently I started driving for a local cannabis dispensary. They have never offered a cannabis delivery service before, so this is uncharted waters for me and the dispensary both! Unlike delivering pizza or Chinese food, there are a lot of potential legal problems that can stem from cannabis delivery, so I have to be very careful. Under no circumstances am I allowed to be under the influence of medical cannabis while I am driving. Even if I am off shift and not driving for the cannabis dispensary, a DUI or a DWI will get me fired. I also carry some extra paperwork when I am on my cannabis delivery route, in case the police pull me over and ask about what I am holding. The cannabis dispensary is 100% legal, and so is my job, but I will always worry about the cops a little bit. I deliver the top shelf blends and strains of medical cannabis, and the pay is very good. When people want ditch weed they find a high school pot dealer, but when you want quality medical cannabis, and you need it delivered, you have to pay top dollar.

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